There are many choices for you to make right now. Don't be fooled by Crisis Pregnancy Centers and sham websites designed to slow down your decision making in order to take abortion off your "choice" list. This is a decision you should make with the best possible information.

what happens next?

Once you contact the SSHF via private message, please wait for us to contact you back to set up a phone call. This is typically within 24-48 hours. During the call, we will ask several questions - please do not take these questions too personally, we are trying to assess the best help for you to have a conversation about your situation. 

what help can i get?

Depending on how much money the SSHF has at the time you contact us, we will determine if you qualify for funding, then explain the process. MAKING AN APPOINTMENT WITH A CLINIC BEFORE YOU CALL WILL INCREASE YOUR CHANCE OF FUNDING.

We ask that after your procedure, when you can afford it, you donate at least once to the SSHF. We ask $1, to help others out in the future. All information will be kept completely confidential. 


Silver State Hope Fund is completely dependent on donations. This means we cannot fully fund anyone's abortion. Typically we grant about $50, but this is established on a case-by-case basis and depends on how much money the Fund has at the time. Check the National Network of Abortion Fund's website for more ideas.


Most people report feeling relief after an abortion.  Our volunteers have had abortions for many reasons - We understand - We can help.


Contact us today if you are short on funds for your  procedure, need a ride to your appointment, or just want to talk about things. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice.

Make no mistake, this battle is about self-determination by women of the direction and course of their lives and their family's lives. Abortion is about women's hopes and dreams. Abortion is a matter of survival for women. - Dr. George Tiller

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​The best way to reach the SSHF is by leaving a message on our Facebook page. Leave your name, your number and a good time to to call when you will be able to speak to us. We will message back to coordinate a call. 

Abortion costs go up the longer you are pregnant, so please contact us as soon as possible. You are encouraged to make your clinic appointment before you contact us or while you are waiting to hear from us. When we talk, we will ask questions to determine how we can best be of assistance, please do not take any of the questions personally, they help us, help you.


We are proud supporters of family planning. If you are not sure which procedures are available to you or what to expect, we can point you to the answers. Considering adoption? We have information

what you need to know right now

medical abortion Directions

Check out Women on Web for information. Self-Managed abortions are very safe with medical advise. Please obtain your supplies for SMA from a reputable source. 

Silver State Hope Fund

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